Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Traditional White Wedding Cake - How it should be done!

I LOVE traditional weddings.
To me, those are weddings that are devoid of color other than white and keep the atmosphere mostly fine dining...ish.
I guess you can say that I like white weddings.

So it's no surprise that my favorite type of wedding cake is the classic three-tiered white butter cream frosted wedding cake.

Of course, a $500 cake is always welcome but if you're on a budget, a smaller cake made to feed around 20 people will do just fine.
Something like this:

Beautiful isn't it?
This wonderful wedding cake was created by Cake Crumbs Bakery (Denver, CO 80207).

Now, let's zoom in a bit...

I love the fondant roses, bows along with the lines and dots created with a steady hand.

See, this is why sometimes, when it comes to wedding cakes, less is more.

Now lets go back to the full view.

There we go.
I really do love this photo since it also has the "warm glow" look that I always want Traditional Wedding Cakes to have.
Now there are a few things that must be done to get that "glowy" look.
First off, you can't have white frosting. It has to be a little off-white. For example, this cake used cream cheese frosting which is good at being a little off-white.
Second, you have to have the cake in a dimly light area. You can accomplish this with candles, electronic tea lights, or with dim lamps or ceiling lights.
Once those two things are covered, you also have to make sure that you hired a photographer that understands lighting and atmosphere and will be able to take a photo of a cake without washing it out.
Once these steps are completed,
you will get your "Traditional Wedding Cake complete with a Classy Warm Glow that's very Photogenic" that you have always dreamed about!!
Now lets admire the top.

I used to be so against using flowers as a cake topper.
I guess I thought it was just kind of like dodging the creativity part.
But looking at this photo I will have to admit my mistake at ever thinking that flowers made a half-assed cake topper.
Fresh flowers (or in this case, roses) truly complete the look of any Traditional Wedding Cake.

And that is how a Traditional Wedding Cake should look :-)

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